LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas resident is tired of trash and debris filling the streets in the northwest part of the valley.

Michael Kaczer has enjoyed coming to Lorenzi park several times a week but said recently he can’t help but notice the eyesores on the side of the streets.

“I play here at Lorenzi park, I love playing here, it’s like a second home,” said Kaczer. “I play senior softball and it irks me that there’s garbage sitting 2 feet away from a trash receptacle and I pick it up and throw it away.”

Kaczer, who only lives a few miles down from Lorenzi park near Rancho and Alta, said trash from plastic bottles to debris covers the roads.

“It’s a horrible thing because I drive down Rancho and I see garbage piled up in the drainage systems on Rancho by the 95,” explained Kaczer. “The garbage doesn’t fall out of the sky by itself, and the airplanes certainly don’t drop it so it has to come from people’s hands, granted it comes from the homeless but there are people that just don’t care.”

Clean-up on the valley’s freeways has been a joint effort between NDOT maintenance crews and a contractor. There are two NDOT crews that do sweeping and cleaning during overnight hours.  

Those crews also frequently respond to emergency repairs and other maintenance issues.  Like other industries, NDOT has been facing staffing challenges with those crews.

It’s not just Rancho and the 95. You can see trash sprawled down nearby streets like Vegas Drive as well as Washington Street.

The City of Las Vegas oversees the general street maintenance on roughly 1,250 miles of roads in Las Vegas.

This includes street sweeping; storm drain flood control and sewer maintenance.

While the city and NDOT are doing their part to clean what they can, Kaczer said it’s up to us to help them.

“I would like to see some type of a force, or litter task force, there are so many incarcerated individuals in Clark County that I think to do something positive even if it’s volunteers work,” said Kaczer. “Let’s just watch each other. You see something on the ground near your house pick it up, take it home and throw it away.”

You can request a cleaning service through the city’s website or by calling 702-229-6227 and there are volunteer clean-up groups and organizations available to join.