Tragedy of the World: Las Vegas visitors react to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

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PARIS — A fire swept across the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral while the soaring Paris landmark was under renovations Monday, collapsing its spire and threatening one of the world’s greatest architectural treasures as locals and tourists watched aghast from the streets.

Despite the collapse of the roof, much of the actual sanctuary and pews where worshippers sit are relatively untouched.  People all over the world, including in Las Vegas shared memories of the landmark.

Thousands of people visit Las Vegas daily from around the globe. Many of those visitors were heartbroken Monday after one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks—the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris — went up in flames. 

“It’s very sad,” expressed Vered Reuve, who once visited the cathedral on a trip to Paris. Now visiting Las Vegas, she remembers the beautiful landmark, now reduced to a charred skeleton. “It was amazing to see that the cathedral. Always reminded me of the same movie. It’s very sad.”

In Paris, residents are left in disbelief. Where parts of the grand cathedral once stood — ashes remain. “Notre dame is not just a building, it’s the beating heart of Paris,” Paris resident Agathe Perreau told CBS News. “Seeing it like the open heart on the medical table, it’s heartbreaking.”

The cathedral was engulfed in flames, as “Holy Week” begins. The week, leading up to the Day of Resurrection for those of Christian faith. “I think people were visiting for Easter also there, so that’s sad for all those people there,” sympathized Ruchika Madan, visiting Las Vegas from Canada.

In the streets of Paris, Parisians sang with heavy hearts to the cathedral that has watched over its city for centuries. That same feeling of sorrow extending to another city miles away. 

“It’s history,” continued Reuve. “With all the wars, with everything gong on in the world, we’re just losing our history.”

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