Toys, albums, DVDs: The coronavirus pandemic stirs collectible craze

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Turning to new hobbies such as gathering collectibles is quickly becoming a popular pastime in the pandemic time. Many items popular decades ago have now seen a revival in this new era.

“I think a lot of people are rediscovering their collections [as] they are trapped at home during the pandemic,” said Joey McDonald, the manager of Record City.

8 News Now took a look at some of the hottest collectible items, and some of them may be very surprising.

“I collected Funko pops, to begin with, and slowly coming here, I moved to action figures to cards to comics,” said Timothy Rodilosso, a collector.

With most of the world stuck at home during the pandemic, nostalgia has set in for a lot of people.

“I have 120 records at home,” said Donnie Tran, a collector.

There’s been a revival in which things like DVD’s, vinyl records, and even pokémon cards are now popular again. At Brad’s toys and collectibles, there are three main items Brad Howard says he’s asked for on a daily basis:

“Pokémon is one of the biggest brands going on,” Howard said. Pokemon was not nearly what it is now. Pokémon cards, you could walk in at any point and buy them at any time, and nowadays, people are waiting in line the day they come out.”

But that’s not the only hot ticket item people are searching for.

“One of the biggest ones that we get asked for constantly is stars wars,” said Howard. “I know it’s the mother of all pop culture.”

And the other item flying off shelves is Funko Pops.

“They have taken the collectible world by storm,” according to Howard. “They’ve only been around for a few short years, but in that time, they have taken over. They are low cost, but they do every single brand, and anything in pop culture you can think of, they basically do.”

Record City Manager Joey McDonald says music and movie sales have increased substantially as well.

“People are really getting back into collecting vinyl records, and that is exciting to see,” McDonald said.

“I have approximately 10,000,” said Kiande Jakada, a collector. “I collect R&B, soul, jazz gospel, blues, pop, rock, Brazilian music. Everything that feeds my spirit.”

While there are those customers who come in solely to trade for profit, most come in for the love of the music.

“I am not a trader; I’m not a seller; I’m not any of that. I’m strictly a music lover,” Jakada said.

“I think there’s a certain nostalgic element to collecting,” McDonald said. “I think people associate a certain song with a moment in their life, for instance, so I think that is a part of why people collect.”

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