LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas thrives on tourism, and there is no better way to end the year than to participate in America’s party. 

However, now that so many people aren’t coming into town, they aren’t sure how to get their money back. 

“This was sort of my son’s only gift for Christmas,” Joey Weissman from St. Louis said. 

Weissman and her family were supposed to be enjoying their first day in Las Vegas; instead, she is stuck at home in St. Louis, after already spending $3,500 on her trip.

“The money is one thing but then the disappointment of not being able to do this is another thing,” Weissmann said. 

 Weissmann said her Southwest flight Monday night was on time. They checked their luggage in and went through TSA only to find out at the gate that their flight was canceled.

“I’ve been on hold multiple times last night, and they hang up o you or it disconnects,” Weissmann said. 

Over in Pittsburgh, Bill Weitzel woke up Thursday morning to find out his Spirit flight to Las Vegas was canceled with no explanation. 

“I understand it is because of the storms over the weekend, but it is not bad right now,” he said. 

Weitzel said he is trying to find answers as to how to get his money back for his flight. 

“They told me no three times,” he said. 

Finally, his persistence paid off and he got an email from Spirit saying they would offer a refund. 

“The reality of it is that they have to catch up on getting people to where they need to go,” Abby Lagman, president of Blissful Travel said. 

With no end in sight on when airlines will get back to normal, Lagman said it is best to keep a paper trail on every communication you have with the airlines and who you spoke with at the airport. 

Travelers Weissmann and Weitzel told 8 News Now they are also dealing with getting their money back on show and hotel bookings. 

Lagman said if you are flying within the next couple of days you might want to start thinking of a plan B to get to your destination or rescheduling. 

She added that it is a good reminder to always get travel insurance, as often times airlines will not take responsibility if an issue is weather related, they claim it is out of their control.