LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — People vacationing in Las Vegas say their visits are not the same as they used to be. With more than 1,100 recent arrests, many say they aren’t comfortable going out at night.

And it’s not only people visiting who are concerned, it is also employees who work in the tourist corridor. They say it is different, and they hope something is done before it gets worse.

“It is scary, you know,” said Joe Won, visiting from Texas. “After 9’clock, a different type of crowd comes out, and it is just uncomfortable with me and the family.”

Randy Bennett, visiting from Florida, said, “It feels a little differently right now. I don’t see as many of the security people as what used to be I felt on bicycles.”

Videos on social media are easy to find, from fights to scooters in the road.

“We have been noticing a trend out there since August,” said Sheriff Joe Lombardo in an interview earlier Wednesday.

He joined 8 News Now’s “Morning Cup of Joe” segment and addressed the crime on the Strip and Fremont Street.

“We have increased substantially the officers that are present throughout the weekends, on Fridays and Saturdays,” Lombardo revealed.

He says he believes they have mitigated a lot of problems:

“We have effected over 1,000 arrests since we have been concentrating on those two particular areas. And interesting enough, sad enough, we have recovered over 60 firearms.”

Lombardo says 40% of the arrests were felonies.

On Facebook Live Wednesday, we asked people if they feel safe. Strip workers responded.

One restaurant waiter wrote: “There are people who are clearly carrying firearms and using them, and fights are a daily occurrence.”

A cab driver said: “The clientele we have been receiving lately is making us cab drivers feel unsafe and on edge … I’ve had countless customers say that they will not come back to Vegas because they don’t feel safe.”

A Strip casino dealer shared a powerful message: “Not sure if I worry more about the virus or getting shot.”

People on the Strip and those who wrote to 8 News Now on Facebook say they would like to see more police presence and increased security at resort properties.