Touring Flower One: Nevada’s largest cannabis facility grows 10K marijuana plants weekly

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NORTH LAS VEGA (KLAS) — From edibles and vape pens to just a plain old grounded herb — marijuana aficionados can pretty much find any cannabis in the Las Vegas valley. But the products have to come from a grower.

“Everything has to start first by what we’re seeing here,” said Salpy Boyajian, COO of Nevada Operations, Flower One.

Flower One, Nevada’s largest cannabis production facility is 6-months old and housed in North Las Vegas. At the greenhouse, marijuana is grown right on trees.

“This is the start of life,” said Boyajian.

Flower One came to the Las Vegas valley in January 2019.

“We’re here — on the back end we’re the manufacturer; we’re the ones growing it, we’re the ones producing it,” said Boyajian. “We’re the ones here making sure that the final product growing out of our facility with the different brand names is of the highest quality.”

Tucked away in North Las Vegas Flower One, a 400,000-square-foot greenhouse is filled with rows and rows of cannabis plants.  They’re all on their own harvest schedules, and they’re all in their own habitats.

“A plant’s life starts as a baby a lot of times [it’s] referred to as a clone,” Boyajian said.

They’ll spend a few weeks as clones, and then those babies make their way into the grown zone.  A total of 10,000 fully grown cannabis plants passed through that zone every week before they’re ready for harvest.

Eventually, the plant will be harvested then dried, cured, and it’s off to the lab for testing.

“This is treated like food,” said Boyajian about marijuana.  “This is something people will ingest, and we take that really seriously.”

As long as the results are precise, then it’s a green light.

“Right now our conservative estimate is 144,000-pounds of [the] dried, cured sellable flower out of this facility. 

“We will continuously be harvesting every seven days from this point forward; as long as this building is standing here,” Boyajian said.

Currently, Flower One has eight brand partners, but they will eventually announce even more.  The cultivation facility has 250 employees and plans on hiring more in the coming months.

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