LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three crew members with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will be honored for their selfless actions in Washington D.C.

LVMPD’s Sergeant Spencer Basner, Officer Tom Cognian, and K9 Officer Jeffery Corbett will all receive the National Association of Police Officers “Top Cop” award on Thursday, May 12.

The LVMPD crew is being honored nearly one year after the deadly pursuit on I-15 that left Nevada State Patrol trooper Micah May dead.

The incident occurred on July 27, 2021, when a suspect took officers and troopers on a lengthy high-speed pursuit across the valley.

Trooper May deployed stop sticks to disable the suspect’s vehicle. As Trooper May attempted to do so the suspect drove directly into him.

The suspect continued to drive on the interstate for another mile and a half with Trooper May trapped inside the vehicle. Eventually, the Troopers disabled the suspect’s vehicle and shot the suspect killing him.

K9 Officer Corbett smashed the vehicle’s passenger window and pulled Officer May to safety.

Meanwhile, up above the LVMPD helicopter crew landed on I-15. Officer Corbett, Sergeant Basner, and others placed Trooper May in the helicopter.

Trooper May was immediately transported to a trauma facility where he was taken into surgery, however, he did not survive his injuries and was taken off life support two days later.