LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Coming together to create a better workplace is what is mobilizing one Starbucks location in Las Vegas to unionize.

If achieved it would become the first in Nevada to do so.

Workers at a Starbucks location near Oakey and Rainbow boulevards filed a petition Tuesday, Nov. 15, with the National Labor Relations Board to unionize with Starbucks Workers United, joining other company locations in a nationwide unionizing movement.

Tiffany Biscoe a local coffee shop owner at Tiabi Coffee and Waffle spoke to 8 News Now about the recent action.

She told 8 News Now her company does things to enrich the culture such as outings and events. While unions are great, she added it’s all about the connection with the worker.

“For a corporation that big, it might be necessary if your employees and staff are having issues and are not being heard,” she said. “At that point as a business owner, I would ask what more can I do.”

Ian Bonilla has been working at Tiabi Coffee and Waffle in Las Vegas on Maryland Parkway and Flamingo for the past two years.

According to Bonilla, having a small staff helps minimize problems in the workplace.

“It’s easier for me to hear our employees on a small scale. As the business gets bigger it’s easier to lose sight and focus,” Bonilla said.

Michael McAvoy-Amaya is a labor attorney in southern Nevada. He told 8 News Now although each case is different unionizing is a process.

“The employee would have more rights and the employer has rights as well,” McAvoy-Amaya added. “If the employees believe that a sufficient number of employees to have a union, you send the petition to the national labor relations board and you then have an election.”