Tips to help keep senior citizens’ immune system in good shape

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Eight out of 10 COVID-19 deaths reported in the U.S. are people who are 65 years of age or older. And as we head deep into flu season, it’s more important than ever for seniors to stay healthy and build up their immunity.

In today’s Health Watch, an aging expert will give some important tips on how seniors can stay safe and boost their physical and emotional well being.

Staying healthy can start with something as easy as a walking outside.

“Natural sunlight is supercritical. It’s critical for our sleep patterns but also our immune system,” said Lisa Cini, aging expert.

Cini is an author and aging expert. She says seniors should start their day with Vitamin D or, even better just natural sunlight. They’re also encouraged to take the supplements with Vitamin C and Zinc. According to Cini, gut health is key too, so she encourages adding a probiotic to your diet.

“So then we’re eating things that’s not really getting to us the way we need them too, and we need to replenish our probiotics and our gut so we can digest things properly and they can go to all of our cells like we need them too,” said Cini.

And if a person needs a reminder, there are apps that remind seniors to take their blood pressure or cholesterol medication. There are also puzzles and games to keep their mind active. Connecting with family and friends via Facetime can really lift spirits.

“I’d highly recommend getting earbuds,” Cini said. “A lot of hearing aids will connect directly to the computer or iPad or phone, but if they don’t have hearing aids, get them some earbuds, and their video chatting is a lot easier to communicate.”

Also, make sure the diet is filled with foods that are “colorful” and nutrient-dense — from broccoli and citrus fruits to fatty fish and legumes.

“If you can get your immune system up — if you can sleep better — if you can get outside and still connect with folks, it’s a wonderful way to keep your body and your mind and spirit up,” Cini said.

Getting plenty of sleep. Being physically active. Managing stress — are all habits that can help a senior’s — immune system stay in top condition.

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