LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — TikTok is the latest app to soar in popularity. Chances are, you may have downloaded the app to try out a new recipe, learn the latest viral dance, or curious about what the hype is all about.

8 News Now spoke to a Las Vegas TikTok star who is using her platform to support small businesses.

Talia Edralin never expected that her TikTok page “tallzz_” would grow so quickly.

“It’s been absolutely a wild ride, and I don’t take it for granted for a single second,” said Talia Edralin. “I had one video that took off and I realized ‘oh my goodness, I think I could actually do this.'”

Nearly 200,000 followers and 4.5 million likes later, Edralin is now a go-to restaurant influencer for Las Vegas locals.

“I get this comment all the time, ‘I’ve lived in Vegas this amount of years, I’ve lived in Vegas my entire life and I did not know this place existed,’” Edralin said. “I feel like we need more people to let the public know all of the amazing places we have here.”

After a difficult year for the restaurant industry, this app is bringing in customers one video at a time.

Jackie Tang owns “Chill Haus” in the northwest valley, which was featured on Edralin’s account a few months ago.

After it was posted, sales tripled and lines were out the door.

“We had to close early, because we sold out everything,” Tang said. “During the pandemic, you know, I worry every day if I’m going to have people come in. With Talia’s posting, it revived my confidence in the business, and it actually works.”

Even now, Tang says the hype hasn’t stopped.

“I still have people they come in and hold the phone with the image from Tik Tok saying ‘Hey I want to have this drink, can I order?’ I say, ‘yeah of course!'”

In addition to Edralin’s personal page, she has made TikTok her full-time job — running 7 other accounts for businesses in the area.

As Edralin’s TikTok page keeps growing, she plans to take her talents to YouTube to continue to develop her brand.