LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The World Buddhism Association Headquarters has requested a permit to install a tiger sanctuary at the corner of Paradise and Sahara Blvd. just one block off of the Las Vegas Strip.

The request, first published by Vital Vegas, is with the Winchester Town Advisory Board. While many assume the Strip is Las Vegas, it is actually not and is located within the unincorporated town of Winchester.

According to property records, the World Buddhism Association Headquarters bought a little over 11 acres at this corner in 2018 for $17.5 million.

The request asks for a use permit to allow “inherently dangerous exotic animals” and a “recreational facility with accessory retail sales, restaurant, and on-premises consumption of alcohol.”

In the ‘design review’ portion of the request to the town board it states, “Design review for a recreational facility with inherently dangerous exotic animals consisting of a fabric structure (tent) and tiger sanctuary.”

The item is scheduled to be brought up Next Tuesday, Nov. 30 at the board meeting. It is being held at the Winchester Community Center at 3130 McLeod Dr. beginning at 6 p.m.