LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Magician Jay Owenhouse says he wants to rent a space owned by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters giving him the opportunity to bring his three tigers from Montana to Las Vegas for a 12-month magic show.

“It’s a great show to compliment the other shows on the strip and bring an economic boost to that area,” Owenshouse tells 8 News Now.

He says the tigers would work and live right on site near Sahara and Paradise.

“We wanted the on-site because that way they only have to work 30 feet to work they don’t have to be tailored from other locations,” says Owenhouse.

However, plans are very specific, which could include, two 900 square foot containment areas for the tigers, including an 11-foot barbed wire fence, along with 24-hour supervision.

If a tiger were to escape, police and the school district would need to be notified immediately.

“On top of that we have an armed guard which is really to protect them from people,” Owenhouse shared.

In 2020 Owenhouse had the plans approved for another location, however, he says land owners changed their mind.

Despite the safety measures taken, Bobbi Brink who rescues exotic cats in San Diego, California says this isn’t fair to the tigers.

“Tigers are mostly a solitary animal out in the wild here. We are taking the most beautiful animals putting them in a 900 square foot 30 by 30 that’s not how a tiger should live. He knows better it’s all about making money,” said Brink.

She says she will be voicing her opinion at Tuesday night’s Winchester board meeting.

If plans are approved at the meeting, Clark County Commissioners will vote on the matter on December 22.