LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In just two days, the highly-anticipated Resorts World will open on the Las Vegas Strip.
The complex houses three different resorts, as well as pools, entertainment, restaurants and gaming.

While they’re all in the same area, the experiences will be distinctly different at the Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords.

Much of that is going to come down to price point, and a wide variety of amenities.

Visitors on the Las Vegas Strip say they are excited for the first new property in more than a decade.

“We’re looking forward to just like exploring it and checking it out,” said Geoff Doyle, who is visiting from North Carolina.

“To have something comparable will be fun to kind of explore different areas,” Doyle said.

Rates this weekend for a one bedroom for two adults at the Hilton and Conrad are varying between $460 to $560 a night. Midweek is in the range of about $130.

“That’s actually not too bad considering the other places that we’ve checked out on the Strip,” said Nicole Crawford, another visitor from North Carolina. “That’s really reasonable.”

Crockfords says “unavailable,” with some basic rooms opening mid-July.

So, what’s the difference between the three?

The Hilton will offer classic amenities, and various city and Strip views. The Conrad is “accesible luxury,” with a private reception lobby and VIP check-in. Both offer rooms and suites.

Crockfords offers “ultra-luxury” with villas and palaces, as well as priority access to restaurant options.

“People are able to choose what kind of experience they want, and are willing to pay the premium or the price for amenities that come with it,” said Gary Steffen, Global Category Head of Full Service Brands at Hilton.

Steffen said while each resort is different, combining them under one roof can introduce visitors to each experience, and might affect where they stay for their next visit.

“You’re going to see that where people are going to stay at the Hilton the first time, and then they’re going to say, ‘Wow, let’s experience the Conrad.’ That’s how we look at it when we combine the brands in such an impressive resort like this,” Steffen said.

Rates do start to drop slightly after the Fourth of July for all three properties at Resorts World, with many weekends in the $300 range.

Prices were not available for the villas and palaces. Guests will need to call Crockfords to book.