LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are more than 3,500 ballots in Nevada that have yet to be validated because of issues regarding the signature on the ballot return envelope. Either the required signature is missing or it doesn’t match the signature on voter registration rolls.

As an election safeguard, voters were required to sign the ballot return envelope for mail-in ballots.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, as of Tuesday at 4:46 p.m., there were 3,536 ballots statewide that needed signature cures, the majority, 1,998, are in Clark County. Of those ballots, 734 are identified as Democrat, 500 are identified as Republican and another 764 are listed as other.

A ballot — with a signature issue — can’t be validated until it goes through a signature cure process which gives a voter the opportunity to either add or correct their signature.

The county is required, within 48 hours after receiving the ballot, to notify voters via mail, email or a phone call if their ballot needs to go through a signature cure process.

Already, more than 4,500 ballots statewide have received a signature cure out of a total of more than 7,800 ballots that needed the validation.

Voters who are notified they need to do a signature cure can do that either through mail by submitting a signed affidavit that was mailed to them or by doing it electronically with a pin number that is sent to them. In either case, the voter is required to submit a photo of a valid identification card such as a Nevada drivers license or military ID.

Voters have until seven days after the election to submit the information required by the county.