LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Etsy is a popular website for custom crafts, and thousands of its shops are on strike due to fees.

The company made an increase to what it charges creators to use the site from 5% to 6.5%, and Etsy sellers said its more proof that they’re not being supported.

“When you list your product for one thing and you’re getting so much less for it than you should, it’s just kind of hard to want to list on Etsy,” said Ashley Bilbro, who sells her clay earrings on the site. “It doesn’t sound like a lot until you’re selling more and more and you’re not making as much as you should for a product.”

Starting Tuesday, sellers are protesting the price hike by putting their shops on vacation mode and halting sales of their products, and asking shoppers to stop buying on the site until April 18.

In February, Etsy reported an all-time high for sales and revenue. It said the change comes directly from seller feedback that sellers aren’t upset about the fee increase because it will benefit them.

The company said it will invest the extra money in marketing, technoloigy, and customer support.

“Our sellers’ success is a top priority, we are committed to providing great value so they are able to grow their businesses,” an Etsy spokesperson said.

But Ashley and more than 5,000 sellers said they don’t feel supported.

“There’s a long list of ways Etsy isn’t helping the creators on the platform that they would really like to change as sellers,” she said.

Ashley said she isn’t letting this get in the way of expanding her business.

“For homemade goodies, that’s where everyone goes. If you don’t go back to Etsy, where do you go?” she said.

She said she wants to sell more of her earrings at craft fairs and on her own site to avoid fees.