LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A hit-and-run in the north valley that left a well-known motorcyclist dead remains unsolved over three weeks later.

The crash happened on Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. along the westbound Durango Drive exit of the 215 in Centennial Hills.

27-year-old Tony Tomas was killed following a hit-and-run crash. (Stephanie Tomas)

At the time, Nevada State Police (NSP) said Tony Tomas, 27, died in the crash.

However, with no known witnesses, little security footage of the scene, and zero suspects, the Tomas family is left without answers and grieving.

The location is out of view of security cameras and, thus far, no leads have proven successful in finding the driver accused in his death.

His family remains shattered and angry, his mother and sister, Ginger Patterson and Samantha Tomas said.

27-year-old Tony Tomas was killed following a hit-and-run crash. (Stephanie Tomas)

“We can’t heal without justice. We cannot,” Patterson added while sitting on her front porch Thursday afternoon, tears swelling in her eyes.

“Who knows? (The driver will) run wherever, and possibly not care about doing it again,” Samantha added, sitting next to her mother.

Security footage from two nearby businesses shows a white Ford Econoline van with damages to its rear passenger side drive near Elkhorn Road and Grand Montecito Parkway the night of the crash.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police release pictures of a vehicle in connection to a hit-and-run crash on Oct. 17, 2022 (Credit: LVMPD)

In a statement, a police representative said investigators had “followed up on several leads and identified over 100 vans matching the description of the fleeing vehicle but has yet to find any evidence that would lead us to believe those vehicles were the one involved in the crash.”

The Tomas family said the response from police is not enough and believes communication from investigators has been minimal.

“Just saying that it’s a Ford Econoline is not going to do it,” Samantha said. “It’s basically a slap in the face, trying to tell us, ‘why hold on to hope?’”

In the meantime, the relatives say the motorcycle community Tony once rode with is working to investigate too.

“They’ve been like ‘we’ll look out,’ and not only in Nevada. They’re looking out in Arizona and Utah, you know? All the close states to us,” Samantha said.

“The public, the community, are getting mad. Bikers are getting upset that nothing is being done like they’re worth nothing in the community,” Patterson added.

While many specifics remain unknown, family from Hawaii have landed in the valley in preparation for Tony’s celebration of life and memorial on Saturday. Leilani Kaluau says Tony was her only nephew.

“I got to bury my own nephew in two days,” Kaluau said, consoling her family sitting next to her outside Patterson’s home Thursday afternoon. “We just want closure. We just want the man, or the woman, or whoever had run off and left my nephew to die on the freeway, (to) please turn (themselves) in.”

With odds seemingly against the family to solve the case, they said they stand firm in believing the missing piece to this puzzle will be found.

“Are you expecting answers?” 8 News Now asked after detailing limited evidence in the investigation.

“I’m expecting answers. I’m not giving up hope. This is going to continue,” Samantha responded. “This isn’t the end. We’re going to find you.”

“Life will never be the same without my son. How can we move on? We can’t. We’re stuck,” Patterson added while wiping away tears. “What was so important that you had to run? What are you scared of? Is it more important than a human being? No. My son is worth more than that.”

NSP sent a response in regard to the case which is listed below.

We would like to thank the family of the deceased as well as the public for all their help thus far. We are working around the clock to bring justice to this family.

Nevada State Police Highway Patrol

They urge anyone who sees a van matching the description to get the license plate number. Investigators cannot follow up without it, they say.

Those who may see this can call *NHP (*647) or Crime Stoppers of Nevada (702-385-5555) and reference case #221001403.

The memorial and celebration of life on Saturday, Nov. 12, is open to anyone who wants to pay respects at the Serenity Funeral Home, 1140 Almond Tree Lane STE. 306. Viewing begins at 11:00 a.m. ahead of the memorial service at 1:00 p.m.

For more information on the family’s gofundme page click HERE.