LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – After Friday night’s storms residents at Lake Las Vegas woke up on Saturday to find a massive amount of debris covering the entire lake.

The area was hardly visible through the debris.

Heavy rain had washed all sorts of trash and tree bark into the lake and a road connecting the shores had to close due to the flooding.

Lake Las Vegas flooding on Sept. 2, 2023 (Courtesy: Jenah Victor)

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” Jenah Victor exclaimed.

She told 8 News Now she has lived on the lake since 2019.

“It was absolutely all the way to the other edge covered,” she added. “There was stagnant trash and debris all around.”

For those working at area businesses like Mary Wilson, it has been the talk of the lake. “Everybody was commenting, nobody could believe it. I’m so glad they did something about it,” Wilson said.

As quickly as the debris came in most of it was gone by Sunday.

A letter sent to residents and obtained by 8 News Now tells residents that the lake is closed, and it will take several weeks to remove all the debris from the lake.

The Lake Las Vegas Master Association is working on the cleanup operation according to the letter.

A popular water sports business on the lake was also affected by the debris.

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is closed until September 8 due to lake maintenance according to its website.

While there is still debris in certain areas, the view around the lake has much improved since the weekend.

However, some areas along the shoreline will need to be repaired.

“I like the fact that the debris has lessened. You can see a little bit of lawn debris and some twigs,” Victor said.