LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents at an apartment complex in east Las Vegas say homeless encampments are becoming a problem.

“They clean it all out – a couple of days later, they’re all back,” said Lindsey, a resident at the Cottonwood Creek Apartment Complex on Desert Inn Road. “They don’t go far because they don’t have anywhere to go.”

Situated beside the Flamingo Arroyo Trail, Lindsey says makeshift homeless encampments surround the apartments with tents lining the wash area.

“They are on every corner,” said Lindsey. “You can find tents literally on every corner now.”
In the Stonegate Community of Sunrise Manor, residents said the struggle to stop homeless individuals from encroaching on their property is ongoing.

“You had [people experiencing homelessness] jumping over the fences, and you had them in your backyards,” said Patrick Goesowein, a resident of Stonegate.

Clark County commissioner Tick Segerblom says now is the time for action.

“People have a right to live in peace and safety, and right now, that is not happening,” said Segerblom.

The plan to make the area cleaner and safer involves several agencies and will begin on Feb. 15 when teams will begin work on the camps and nearby pedestrian bridge.

“We are going to try to move them out of there and then close the bridge off so you can’t get back in there,” said Segerblom.

Segerbloom says the homeless individuals will be given 48 hours to move their belongings before clearing out the area. The area over Desert Inn Road will be targeted first.