LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Thousands of people nationwide took to the streets on Saturday demanding action from lawmakers on gun control.

In Las Vegas, hundreds participated in the March for Our Lives rally.
Chants like “save our kids, not our guns,” were echoed throughout the event, and resonated with mothers like Sara McGowan, who says she knows the pain of losing a child. “I know what that feels like,” says McGowan, “I know what all these parents are going through across the united states. The trauma, the guilt, the anxiety. The missing them never goes away.”

Kelly Neider, a teacher says this is a crisis. “I wish that children dying was not a political stance, I feel like we are divided but I feel like if we don’t take action this will just continue to happen.

The protest wrapped up early due to heat, but those who were there hope their message pushes lawmakers to do something.