LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When customers walk into French Crepes located in the south Las Vegas valley, they are instantly overwhelmed by the beautiful pink decoration and music that transports them out of Las Vegas. However Saturday morning, the owner found that her café was targeted.

“We built this from nothing and to get here has been a lot of investment,” Danmaris Lopez, owner of French Crepes said. 

It was an investment Lopez, and her husband thought would be untouchable, until this past weekend. 

“It was just the worst news to get to in the morning to wake up to,” Lopez said. “We work so hard you know and for this to happen it is so unfortunate.” 

Lopez said the thief stole her cash register with $500 still left from the night before. The suspects were allegedly able to break in through the empty business next door then broke the adjoining wall and entered the café. 

“It just caught me off guard,” Lopez said. 

On Tuesday morning, there were customers dining but checking out looked a bit different. 

Since the cash register was stolen, the café used an old-school calculator and only accepted cash or Zelle. 

“Why would they do this to a small business?” Lopez asked. 

Lopez said the culprit has not been caught yet, which scares her, but since the incident, she has invested in alarms and surveillance cameras inside her business.