LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Safety measures at Clark County schools remain a concern for parents.
A kindergartener went missing on the first day of school when pick-up procedures failed.

Lonny and Jessica Gendall told 8 News Now they were already concerned about how the process would go before even dropping off their daughter Emily at Patricia Benford Elementary for her first day of school.

“In the two days of the orientation and the first day of school I have received four separate sets of instructions on where I would be picking up my daughter from kindergarten,” Jessica said.

When Lonny and Jessica returned later in the day to pick up their daughter they described the pick-up area as chaotic.

“There’s no checks or balances, period. Anybody could’ve walked into the open gates,” Lonny said.

The Gendall’s also said they noticed a sign outside the gates asking parents picking up their children to stay outside the gate and present a card to pick up their child.

“We see one other parent holding a colored card,” Lonny added.

However, both parents became frantic when there was no sign of their daughter Emily.

Thankfully Jessica said she was able to locate Emily near an exit gate, but for the family, it was the last straw and that is when they decided to withdraw her from the school.

The Gendall’s hope a better dismissal policy will be put in place before the worst happens.

“I don’t ever want this to happen and I feel the school very very poorly dealt with the situation,” Jessica added. “It’s very important that there is a district-wide policy for dismissal procedures.

The kindergarten pickup spot was moved to an all-grade pickup area this year due to classes moving to a nearby building but the new change had not been updated on the school’s website.

8 News Now reached out to CCSD regarding the matter, to which a response was issued which is listed below.

In general, kindergarten students are monitored by school staff during dismissal time until their parent/guardian arrives. CCSD also reminds families to discuss dismissal procedures with their children.

The Clark School District