LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As students go onto the fourth week of the new school year, some parents are still trying to sort out how to get their children to and from school.

As CCSD continues to experience a shortage of bus drivers, some students have had to rely on RTC buses for transportation.

From school buses not showing up, to overcrowding, to canceled routes, the school district was prompted to team up with the Regional Transportation Commission to provide high school students with transportation.

The RTC Ride On program provides high school students RTC bus transportation free of charge if they don’t take school buses, giving them reliable and flexible service to and from school.

Some parents have said that navigating through the transportation system raises more questions than answers, however.

Jennifer Edwards’ daughter just started her freshman year at Basic High School. Edwards told 8 News Now that her daughter was first taking the school bus with friends, but has since been told she wasn’t eligible for CCSD transportation since she was enrolled on the RTC Ride On program.

“I don’t want to send her on a public bus down Boulder Highway when she’s just 14 years old, and so I take her to school every day, which makes me late to work, and then I’m supposed to work until 5:30 at night, and I leave at 1 to go get her,” Edwards said.

She added that verifying transportation eligibility and routes have been challenging.

“Her friend’s bus that she was getting on picks up the housing track directly across the street from us and drives past our house and picks up that bus stop, but can’t pick her up or she can’t get on it at the stop,” Edwards said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Ultimately, Edwards said she just wants answers so she knows her daughter can get to school safely.

“My husband called CCSD transportation, they told him to contact Basic High School, Basic told him to call the school district, and the school district said there’s nothing they can do to help us, and that if she gets caught on the wrong bus, they’ll just never let her on it again.”

CCSD told 8 News Now the district is working to help address the issue when asked for comment.

There are more than 20 high schools eligible for the RTC program, and several routes make it helpful for students to get to and from home or even jobs. The RTC buses have 12 video cameras on each bus, and students can report any problems through an app.

RTC also has security on some routes.