LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CCSD bus drivers are speaking out about their fear after two district bus drivers were attacked last week in two separate incidents.

Two drivers spoke to 8 News Now about their concerns and desires for better protection. They said that they do the job for the students and take them to and from school safely, but now feel their safety is being jeopardized by rowdy kids and adults.

The drivers requested to remain anonymous in fear of losing their jobs, but both said they are passionate about what they do.

“You just want to come to work, do your job, and go home to your family,” driver 1 said.

“We’re doing our job the best we can,” driver 2 said, “A lot of us are working double routes, will drop and return.”

They said last week’s attacks are making them reflect on the close calls they’ve had while on the job.

“It shocks me that it happens but it doesn’t surprise me,” driver 2 continued. “I’ve been threatened with violence by parents.”

“I missed a parent and they tried to chase me down to every stop in their car,” driver 1 said.

Before the new school year started, CCSD invested in a $6 million project to install nine cameras on each school bus, but drivers say cameras only record attacks rather than stop them.

“What good are cameras? They see what we’re saying as the truth, what do they do with it? I don’t know,” driver 2 said.

Driver 2 added that not only are they worried about aggressive parents, but also rowdy students.

“The first thing we do is look into our rearview mirror, the student mirror, and that takes our eyes off the road, so it puts us in a very scary situation,” they said.

Driver 1 said they believe the students won’t face any consequences for violent or disruptive behavior from the district.

“They just tell us to keep on driving if the kids all sat down, then roll up to the next school,” they said.

The drivers also told 8 News Now it would help to have someone assisting them on the bus as a school aide so that if an incident were to happen, the driver can continue to focus on driving while another person in charge handles it.

8 News Now forwarded these concerns to CCSD, and while school officials did not directly address them, they said the following:

CCSD will not tolerate any violence against its employees. The District has been proactive in releasing information to the public and working with law enforcement to seek out prosecution in these two situations. CCSD Police worked quickly to make an arrest of an individual involved in one of the incidents and continues to investigate the second incident.

Student behavior reflects adult behavior. Adults must be good role models for children and must work together to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Students are expected to follow the District’s Student Code of Conduct and could face disciplinary action and/or prosecution if actions are criminal in nature.  

We expect students to abide by a high standard, and adults, whether parents or guardians, must set better examples for their children.

Clark County School District Media Relations

46-year-old Otis Tanner was arrested for one of the attacks last week. CCSD reported multiple people attacked a driver in the second incident, but no other arrests have been reported.