‘These are people and they’re dying on our roadways’: Metro Police plead for change after recent spike in deadly hit-and-run crashes

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a plea coming from Metro Police after an overwhelming increase in unsolved hit and run crashes.

Metro police say six people have died in hit-and-run crashes, in just the last three months. That is a startling spike, from just 10 in all of 2020.

Metro held a briefing this past week talking about hit and run cases in the valley. They focused specifically, two — one in February and one in March — where the pedestrians were at fault, but the drivers fled.

If the drivers would have stayed, they probably wouldn’t have faced the abundance of charges they are facing now.

“The drivers of these two incidences fled the scene,” said Lieutenant Greg Munson with LVMPD Traffic Bureau. “They left, not calling for medical attention, not rendering any aid to those people. They left them to lie there and die on the roadways.”

“If you are driving a car and run into somebody, it’s not necessarily your fault. There are a lot of situations especially in Vegas where someone is coming out of a bar and they are not paying attention and not using the crosswalk,” said Eric Roy, Las Vegas Injury Lawyer. “You should stop regardless, whether you are at fault or you are not. If you hit somebody as a pedestrian and then you leave, you are going to get charged criminally if the police catch up with you.”

Roy says The Strip and Boulder Highway are some of the worst areas for hit-and-run crashes he has seen across the valley.

“There’s not a lot of crosswalks and intersections and as a result, you’ve got these people that go to these bars on Boulder Highway, and they are there late at night,” Roy said. “They end up crossing the street and that part of town has low visibility.”

Metro detectives say that the biggest factors contributing to these crashes are impairment and speed.

“These are people, and they’re dying on our roadways, laying there bleeding to death dying. Nobody did anything to stop them,” said Lieutenant Munson.

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