LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several parts of Southern Nevada were hit hard by storms and massive flooding on Friday and Saturday. One of the affected areas was the small town of Sandy Valley, which is about an hour southwest of Las Vegas.

It’s been a hard few days for Sandy Valley resident Pete and his wife, who asked for their full names not to be used, as they walk through the house that means so much to them but is now in shambles.

“I got flood panels coming up, damage everywhere, I am going to fix it,” Pete said as he fought back tears.

It was raining hard Friday evening which damaged many roads and homes in Sandy Valley.

“It was like a river coming down through the front I looked out the window and was shocked I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Pete said.

The couple live in a flood zone, and because of the costs, they told 8 News Now they were not able to afford flood insurance.

Sandy Valley flooding
Sandy Valley home flooded

“I cleaned everything,” Pete said. “I didn’t sleep for two days.”

8 News Now asked Pete if he thought getting flood insurance would have been worth it since there was extensive damage to his home to which he responded by saying it was “dollar for dollar possibly.”

Pete and his wife have lived in Sandy Valley for 12 years and they said they never thought they would need flood insurance, and there is no telling how often they would have had to use it.

“There was nothing you could do,” Pete said.

Now that the damage is done, Pete is focused on rebuilding his home. Pete estimates there is about $35,000 worth of repairs to do.