LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Uprooted trees, large amounts of debris, and intense damage to units and houses in the area is what is left behind after storms made their way across the Las Vegas valley.

“I asked them how long are we going to wait and they said. we don’t know maybe one or two days one or two days no we need to go inside the house,” said Victor Palacios, resident of Lake Sahara Apartments.

Monsoonal rain and winds wreaking through the valley for the past three nights left thousands without power and left several displaced by the residential damage.

Residents at Lake Sahara Apartments woke up to chaos Saturday morning as many uprooted trees fell on top of different units ripping through roofs and breaking windows.

“The next thing I know the apartment started shaking and then there was a tree in my room,” said Latash Ross who was forced to evacuate her apartment. “We put an order in to have the roof done and then have the flooring done, the closets done and of course, my bedroom carpet is soaked in water and I’m hoping the flooring doesn’t mildew before they can get to it.”

It was a close call for resident Anthony Guydon who was inside of his car when a tree fell on top of it almost trapping him inside on Friday night.

“I noticed that the bushes were on my front windshield and before I could react I hear glass breaking,” said Guydon whose car was totaled after a tree fell on it with him inside. “It lasted for about 10 seconds, a long 10 seconds and as soon as everything stopped, I was still alive I exited the car, the car door wasn’t damaged where I was stuck inside.”

The Red Cross assisted 30 displaced people by the monsoon. The evacuation shelter was set up at Orr Middle School. The plan is to continue to assist these residents in the days and weeks ahead.

The clean-up has begun at the apartment complex with the weather nowhere near what it was the previous days.