DISCLAIMER: The 911 calls posted in the video above may be difficult for some readers to listen to.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now has received the 911 calls following a deadly incident involving a construction beam that fell onto a car and killed a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detective last month.

Detective Justin Terry, 45, was driving near the Centennial bowl project on the morning of June 10 when a tractor-trailer hit an early warning beam for a bridge up ahead. The beam then collapsed on Terry’s car and he died at the scene, police said.

The 911 calls released on Monday described eyewitness accounts of the day of the incident following the crash.

Construction workers near the scene are described in the calls as rushing to the aide of the detective, who was driving in an unmarked police car and was still alive at the time.

Since the incident, The Nevada Department of Transportation stated that the beam was able to handle a 10-ton impact, but it is still unclear if the tractor-trailer involved was over 10 tons. A replacement beam has since been put up in the same spot.

A portion of the newly released 911 calls has been transcribed below.

At the time this story was posted the identities of those heard in the recording had not been provided.

911 call – June 10, 2022:

Unknown caller: A beam fell off of a.. construction because they’re doing construction on it. And it’s like on top of where, where the, where the driver would be.

911 Operator: Okay, so it fell off of where?

Unknown caller: It fell off of the construction.

911 Operator: Off of the overpass?

Unknown caller: Yes.

911 Operator: Okay. All right.

Unknown caller: A construction worker broke the window open on the driver’s side.

Unknown caller: the beam fell on his back on his shoulder and he is bent forward so we cant see his head

Unknown caller: he is moving like he is trying to get his breath he is breathing.

911 Operator: Ok tell him help is on the way let him know we are on the way.

Uknown caller: There is no way to get him out.

A video of the story is provided above.