LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Audiences are filling the seats of a little-known theater in the Arts District that’s making a big name for itself.

The current musical production is getting rave reviews for being scary good.

“Right now, we’re doing the American premiere of a show called The Sandman, A Little Nightmare Musical,” said Troy Heard, theater owner.

This nightmare musical could become a dream come true for a little neighborhood theater that is making big headlines with a possible Broadway hit. It’s edgy, it’s dark, it’s funny, it’s filled with heart.

Heard, the theater owner and artistic director, has poured his heart, soul, and savings into the Majestic Repertory Theater that looks like most any other storefront in reinvented downtown Las Vegas. It’s spent its five years upstaged by vintage vibe shops and distinctive new eateries but the spotlight is finally shining on this funky 70-seat theater that puts the audience in the middle of the action.

“We just do really cool stuff. A lot of folks call us a gateway theater because we do theater that’s not stuffy, not pretentious. It’s very accessible and a heck of a lot of fun.”

And that’s just what a Broadway writing team was looking for when they called Heard to stage their Tim Burton-like musical.

“I said, well you found the right place!”

The talent is all local from the actors to stage designers even wardrobe, hair, and make-up are the works of Cirque du Soliel professionals. People are loving it and producers are flying in to see it.

“We built an audience. We’ve had sellout shows from the beginning. People wanted to come down here they know when they come to Majestic you’re going to be right in the middle of the action, you’re going to see something different, and you’re going to see something you’ll remember forever,” Heard said.

If you would like to see the performance, you can buy tickets at this link.