LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was just a matter of time – ghost hunters have arrived at Lake Mead. And why not, just this year at least five sets of human remains have been discovered and many expect more to be found as water levels continue to drop over the next year.

On a warm October night, a group of four self-proclaimed paranormal investigators spent several hours wandering the shoreline of the dwindling reservoir looking for signs of the afterlife.

“There’s so many bodies,” paranormal investigator and YouTube creator Colin Browen told 8 News Now. “Who knows how many bodies are there? And yeah, there’s a darkness there. It was a lot darker than we thought it was gonna be.”

Browen is from Philadelphia and runs a YouTube channel called “The Paranormal Files.” He flew into Las Vegas for the expedition where he met up with the crew from “Twin Paranormal,” another ghost-hunting YouTube channel.


If anyone is not convinced ghost-hunting is popular on YouTube these days, it should be noted that both channels combined have more than a million subscribers.

The “Twin Paranormal” crew on-hand at Lake Mead are twins Ryan and River Rees, and their friend Wyatt Hausman.

The YouTube video published by Browen was edited down to just over an hour. He titled the video “The HAUNTED NEVADA KILLING FIELDS (A REAL Life NIGHTMARE): LAKE MEAD | w/ @Twin Paranormal” and it’s filled with the paranormal investigation recorded by multiple cameras.

Some of the equipment they use goes beep in the night, a wild pack of coyotes appears ready to attack, and disembodied voices tell a twisted tale of violent death, drowning, and guns.

“We picked our time around 9 p.m. to start,” Hausman said. “We just cruise out there without seeing anything beforehand, without knowing too much information. That way, whatever we do capture has some validity to it, it’s not scripted or planned. And then we get all of our cameras and devices set up and start talking.”

Each of the four team members carries a camera and other smaller cameras were set up nearby and in their car to record everything.

Colin Browen from left, Wyatt Hausman, Ryan Rees, and River Rees. (YouTube: The Paranormal Files)

The investigators – as they call themselves – start the night along Boulder Beach. They are near the spot where a man’s body was found stuffed inside a metal barrel. While this person’s identity has not been determined, it has been confirmed this person did have a bullet wound in the back of his head.

“We go into these investigations hoping for the best,” Ryan Rees said about this night’s investigation. “We believe that we are actually being led to finding somebody’s body who had been washed up or dumped, you know.”

Armed with a Rem Pod, cameras, and an app called Spirit Talker the team begins trying to talk to any entity listening.

(YouTube: The Paranormal Files)


Rem Pod
“A REM pod is a piece of ghost hunting equipment that alerts paranormal investigators to changes in ambient temperature. This empowers the investigator to record the data, as well as any activity that may have been an inciting incident, into their records for later review.” (Source:

Spirit Talker app
“The Spirit Talker works in a similar way to the world-famous Ovilus device. It produces words and speech based on what the sensors in your phone are detecting. The idea is that spirits are said to be able to manipulate the device to say and show relevant words and responses to questions being asked during a paranormal investigation.
“The Spirit Talker is a modern form of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) and is very simple to use. Just click start and begin asking your questions. When a response is detected by the app the words will show visually in the text box along with audible speech.”
(Source: Apple app store description)


After turning all of their phones to airplane mode to eliminate interference it does not take long for the Rem Pod to begin making noise. And then, in between random noises of metal clanging, bugs buzzing, and coyotes the Spirit Talker app begins talking.

“Hate” is the first word from the app followed by “go,” “Thompson,” “hiding,” “my home,” “incident,” “we fought here,” “soon,” “kill,” “war,” “Edgar,” “hole,” “mistake,” “accident,” “I hear you,” and “a woman here.” This was all followed by the group hearing a woman’s voice and speculation as to what the app voice was trying to tell them.

(YouTube: The Paranormal Files)

After being told to “turn right” the crew was told “bullet” by the app, which they conclude was in reference to the man who was found in the barrel.

“In the video, there’s a moment when Ryan is asking if the spirit can lead us to where its body is,” Browen said. “On the device, it literally says ‘go right’ while we were sitting at an intersection. I mean, that’s just mind-blowing.”

“Some of the answers you get kind of take you back,” Hausman added. “You’re like, ‘no freakin way that that just said that.’ It kind of validates it, this thing’s still doing what it’s supposed to do and it’s working.”


  • Don’t go alone
  • Do your research before you go
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on equipment
  • Be open-minded


It was then that their night took an even stranger turn. Browen had returned to the car to get some new batteries when he noticed the sound of a single coyote yelping. This quickly escalated to several coyotes yelping, barking, and howling all around the group. It was then they began running, realizing the coyotes had silently surrounded them in the dark.

After a few minutes of hiding in the car, the screaming sounds of the coyotes subsided, but it was enough to truly shake the nerves of these young men who get scared for a living.

“We started hearing more coyotes and more and then closer and closer,” Ryan Reen recounted. “We started to pretty much get circled into where we had to run to the car for safety. It was just totally different than what we’ve ever dealt with in our lives.”

Not to be outdone by non-paranormal scares, it was then when someone drove an SUV toward and past the group, only to turn around and appear to follow them. The investigators decided it was time to change locations.

More time was spent trying to talk to spirits along a different part of Boulder Beach. The app spoke more words such as “boat” and “happened here.” One of the Rees twins said he saw a man standing nearby, and more of their devices began showing signs of life, or the lack thereof.

River Rees (YouTube: The Paranormal Files)


By around 3 a.m. the crew was heading back into Las Vegas with a wild story of voices and noises in the dark and quite a coyote scare. But in the end no definitive proof of the paranormal at Lake Mead.

“There have been so many stories that people have had some sign,” Rees said when asked about believing in the afterlife. “Whether it’s a family member or somebody that recently lived in that home. They’ve always had some kind of story to back there, you know, their experience. So, we believe.”

“I believe in something. I just don’t know what that something is,” Browen said. “With our platforms, we actually are showing people this stuff and I don’t want to lie to people, I don’t want to tell them that I know exactly what everything is because we don’t. I just know that when we get the words water and bullet and the Rem Pods going off at the same time, something weird is causing that to happen. Whether it is the ghost of a murder victim, it’s some old environmental energy, something else that we don’t even understand or know about yet. It’s just a mystery. And that’s why it’s fun to me. I love the unknown. I think we all do.”