‘The Next Everest’: A story of resilience in the face of deadly adversity

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have faced personal challenges. Overcoming them can be taxing, and it requires resilience.

Someone well-qualified to talk about resilience is Jim Davidson.

The mountain climber summited Mount Everest in 2017, two years after he was nearly killed in an earthquake on the Himalayan peak. His story is one of survival in tough circumstances.

Davidson recounted the fateful day during an interview with 8 News Now:

“Then, all of a sudden, the glacier jerked into the air and lifted the tent up, and then, we dropped back down. And then, we went back up again, as the waves rippled through the glacier. Being in the tent was like being in a life raft, and that’s when I knew it was an earthquake. And when that happened, we could hear the roar of avalanches, having an earthquake all at once. It was pure survival mode for a good couple of minutes.”

After surviving the earthquake, Davidson and his team were rescued from Everest. They then spent the remainder of their adventure helping those in Nepal who’d lost everything, from the clean up to the beginning of the rebuilding process.

Two years later, Davidson returned to the behemoth to try again — and this time — he made it.

He says while you may not be a mountain climber, we all have our own personal Everest. Many of the tools he used to overcome his challenges can be used by all of us to help overcome ours.

“Whether it’s an earthquake recovery or a pandemic or an economic crisis, you help them, they help you, someone else helps, and we’re all slowly lifting each other up. We’ll have bad days when someone stumbles, and that’s when someone needs to lift them up again,” Davidson encouraged. “As you move forward through life, you might have a big aspiration, but things are going sideways. There’s going to be earthquakes; there will be pandemics. So, how can you be resilient enough to endure the bad things when they’re happening? Try and grow from it and re-engage with the next set of challenges, the next opportunity, the next Everest.”

Davidson shares both of his Everest experiences and how we can all use resilience to survive challenges in his book, “The Next Everest.” You can purchase it here now and climb into the incredible story.

To watch Davidson’s full interview, click on the video below:

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