LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The sentencing of former NFL player Henry Ruggs has some in the Las Vegas community discussing the outcome, including former football player OJ Simpson.

He voiced his opinions in a video on the platform X on Aug. 9 stating that the judge’s decision in the Ruggs case did not add up.

Ruggs, a former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver, was sentenced on Wednesday morning for a fiery crash that claimed the life of Tina Tintor and her dog and ended his career with the NFL team.

He was sentenced to between 3 and 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to driving 156 mph under the influence and crashing into a car killing 23-year-old Tintor and her dog in November 2021.

Prosecutors said his blood alcohol level was 0.1 which is twice the legal limit.

Simpson posted on his X account that “The math just does not add up,” when it came to the sentencing on Wednesday.

“You’re driving a car at roughly 160 miles an hour on a public street and killing a girl and her dog and you get three to 10 years. You go to a hotel room that you are invited to retrieve your own personal stolen property, property I now have because it was ruled mine by the State of California and you get 9 to 33 years. Same courthouse, same city, same state, I don’t know, somehow it just does not add up to me,” Simpson expressed in the video.

Back in 2008, Simpson was convicted by a jury of an armed robbery in Las Vegas and sentenced to prison after a 2007 confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers in a room off-strip at a Las Vegas casino hotel.

He was sentenced to prison for 33 years with a chance of parole after 9 years. He ultimately served 9 years in Nevada until 2017.

Prior to that, he was acquitted in the 1995 double murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

He was found liable for the deaths in 1997 by a California civil court jury that ordered him to pay $33.5 million to victims’ families.