LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As we gear up for boating season, Lake Mead is sure to be a hot spot destination. But with so many people out on the water, it’s important to know how to stay safe.

Even if you are a good swimmer, the waves that occur in a lake are a lot different than the waves you will encounter in your pool. “They never stop, and they are unrelenting,” said Nick Duhe of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

While they are fun to lounge on, pool floats are for the pool. Duhe says bringing these toys to the lake is not recommended.

“The wind will catch those pool toys, catch an edge, blow it over, and if that doesn’t cause the problem, what happens is it starts to go away, and people try to go out and swim and catch it,” he explained.

Usually, places like Boulder Beach have life vests to use, but the problem is, they don’t get returned.

Dusty Feazell runs a Facebook page called “Las Vegas Fishing Club.” They started raising money, so more life jackets can be made available.

“We have raised $5,200 dollars for life jackets, so Lake Mead can have more jackets on the water,” Feazell shared.

He notes the park rangers at Lake Mead are working to get $10,000 dollars to go toward new life jackets, and Bass Pro Shops plans to donate 2,000 life vests.

If you would like to donate to the Life Jacket Fund, email Dusty Feazell at He and his club are taking donations all month long.