LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now’s Good Day Las Vegas team whipped up some yummy creations this morning.

Anchors John Langeler and Heather Mills and meteorologists Sherry Swensk and Nate Tannenbaum took a crack at their cookie decorating skills in a very high-stakes contest.

The contestants had two minutes to use whatever ingredients and toppings they liked to create a cookie design of their dreams, and results were somewhat varied.

When the timer was up, our contestants had some interesting comments on their masterpieces.

Nate created a rendering of his very own cartoon character.

“His name is C. Urchin,” Nate said.

“I did a string of holiday lights,” Heather said before Nate commented that it also reminded him of Zoro.

“This is the kitchen sink,” John beamed about his one-of-a kind decoration using, apparently, every single ingredient that was available to him.

“That kind of makes me want to throw up a little bit, but okay,” Sherry reacted to John’s invention.

“This is my pink Christmas tree with snow!” Sherry then said as she showed off her icing-topped tree.

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You can also watch the full cookie-decorating contest in the video player above.