The Demand for Doodles: A look at the hype surrounding the dogs

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s one of the most popular dogs around and one of the hardest to find: the doodle! Waiting lists to adopt these pups can be pretty long.

8 News Now took a look at all the hype surrounding the mixed breed of fluff that’s creating such a big craze.

Doodles are cute, smart and can set you back thousands of dollars.

“It’s a lot. Every six weeks, he goes to get groomed,” shared Kathy Shimizu, owner of 11-month-old Bodhi the goldendoodle. “He doesn’t like me brushing him unless I have lots of treats, but it’s all worth it. It’s an investment. It’s like a child.”

Adam Jacob, owner of 6-year-old goldendoodle Mozart, added, “They are not cheap, and if you do find a cheap one, it’s prob not a real one.”

Doodles have been growing in demand over the years. While they may range in size, the affection they give is never enough for their “hoomans.”

“He snuggles into you, not like a dog that cuddles on you,” said Jacob.

Owner Moises Kristich shared, “My dogs mean the world to me. They are my babies.”

They come in different sizes and colors, but the most popular reason dog lovers seek them is for their shaggy hair.

“For me, it was the no shedding thing,” explained Shimizu. “Once I went down the rabbit hole of what dogs don’t shed, it was either a poodle or some kind of doodle, so we landed on a goldendoodle.”

The mixing of dogs can determine the type of doodle you get. Take a golden retriever and a poodle, that will get you a first generation, or F1, goldendoodle. Now, take that goldendoodle combined with a poodle, you get an F2B, and so on.

“Actually, we got him using our wedding money. Everyone who came to our wedding helped us get this guy, and now, I realize that we can’t get another breed because they are so much fun,” shared Esmeralda Garcia, owner of Gaxtby.

The doodle community is tight on social media and keeps a tight leash on each other.

“We are on the doodle page on Facebook,” said Lisa Fehrman, owner of Redford and Remy, both Australian labradoodles. “We go back and forth with tips, questions, and we try to get together a few times a week and let the dogs run around. It’s awesome.”

Doodles are sweet and high maintenance, but their health can also be pricey. 8 News Now explores that in our next installment of The Demand for Doodles.

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