LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Though the convicted murderer who escaped a prison northwest of Las Vegas was recaptured Wednesday night, those living closest to the facility fear it could happen again. They worry they wouldn’t know about it, again.

The nearly week-long escape for 42-year-old Porfirio Duarte Herrera ended Wednesday night when Las Vegas Metropolitan Police captured him while boarding a shuttle to Tijuana, Mexico. The Nevada Department of Corrections first stated he went missing Tuesday morning after a head count, though later admitted he was first reported missing as early as Friday.

The Southern Desert Correctional Facility sits around 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Ten miles in the opposite direction is the closest established community: Indian Springs. People there learned of the escape four days later, along with the rest of the public.

Though the Nicaragua native was eventually caught miles away, residents were concerned he may have first hidden in their rural town while they remained oblivious to the danger he could have brought.

Some living there, like Maureen Elkins, found out over social media that the escape happened at least three days prior.

“It’s not acceptable,” said Elkins while walking her dogs.

Students of the community’s only high school, like Landen Blood, learned about it through a school email Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m super scared. That dude’s killed people,” said Blood while leaving campus. “It made me want to, like, carry a gun everywhere.”

Parents, like Britni Mitchell and William Tilghmen, first learned of the escape from 8 News Now and said they immediately began to fear for children’s safety as many spend their free time outside their homes in the rural landscape.

“There’s plenty of places for him to hide out here,” said Mitchell while pushing her child in a stroller in her neighborhood.

“To not know that, I mean, that’s betrayal,” added Tilghmen. “That’s insane to even think that we’re not informed.

These locals were not the only ones shut out. US Marshalls and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak both confirmed they were not alerted for over three days too. Exactly why is unclear. NDOC representatives were not present for a press conference Thursday afternoon that detailed the inmate’s recapture. This was after two days of not returning answers to 8 News Now’s questions about a lapse in communication.

Governor Sisolak said an active investigation now questions this delay in communication. Those in Indian Springs believe not only their safety would have benefitted from knowing sooner, but the recapture of the inmate as well. 

“They need to tell the public,” said Blood. “I don’t know if there was something going on inside, trying to keep it under wraps, but they need to step it up.”