Education leaders, along with officials from Tesla unveiled a new effort Monday to get students engaged in robotics.  The event was held at Cimarron-Memorial High School.  It’s all part of Tesla’s major investment in Clark County Schools.

The tech giant wants students to learn science- and technology-based skills, so on Monday, company leaders used Cimarron-Memorial High School’s star robotics team as a starting point.

Tesla awarded Cimarron with the first-ever Tesla Spark Inspiration Award for their efforts in robotics.

The school’s robotics team, called the High Rollers, has won several competitions. They also have been mentoring newer robotics teams throughout the Clark County School District.

Their mission is to create new opportunities for students to learn about the STEM field, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Tesla, as well as local, science-focused nonprofits such as FIRST are now partnering to expand on Cimmaron High’s success.  Their goal is for every school in Nevada to have a robotics team.

Students on the High Rollers team say they would be thrilled to see all students have what they have.

“The economy and everything is changing and the world is changing into technology and more robots and more technical fields, and it’s very good to get into it,” said Jessica Spierer, a sophomore student at Cimarron-Memorial High School.  “I’m very happy to be in it.”

According to FIRST, students who participate in their STEM programs become more engaged in the classroom and also show a 98 percent improvement in problem-solving skills.

Tesla is making a multi-year investment. For the first year, which is the 2018-2019 school year that just started on Monday, they’re giving $1.5 million to schools here in Nevada.