Tesla scares off would-be vandals in Park MGM parking garage

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Courtesy: Fernando C/YouTube

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tesla’s have proven they can fend for themselves against potential vandals. Footage from a model 3 sedan showed the moment the vehicle went into Sentry Mode, scaring off two men who kicked it, attempting to remove its charging plug.

The owner of the car, identified as Fernando C on YouTube, noted the incident occurred in the Park MGM parking garage around 2 a.m.

“I had Sentry Mode on, and it recorded these individuals trying to break off the charging plug. I was able to report and send this to Park MGM security,” Fernando in his YouTube post. “Technology is kind of cool!”

According to Tesla, if a severe threat is detected by a vehicle in Sentry Mode, it switches to an “Alarm” state. When this occurs, the car alarm activates, brightness of the center display increases, and music is played at maximum volume.

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