LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In Nevada having heat and air conditioning are considered essential services, landlords have 48 hours to respond to fix an issue related to that.

If they don’t, tenants have certain rights to keep in mind during the summer months.

On Monday, 8 News Now got an email from a viewer named Sally Wesley.

She said her apartment near Arville and Pennwood Ave has had a faulty HVAC system.

She added that it’s left her without proper heating during winter, and as temps rise, she was worried the AC wouldn’t work properly.

When she saw the forecast last week that showed 90-degree temps for Monday, she knew her landlord needed to act quickly.

“They let us languish this weekend with no air, ” Weasley said. “It was absolutely unbearable in here, we went outside because it was actually cooler outside.”

Wesley said she sent emails about her concerns for the AC unit since March and had to come up with her own solutions to keep cool.

She said she bought seven fans and even a swamp cooler.

After speaking to Wesley, 8 News Now reached out to the property management company to get answers for her.

Wesley told 8 News Now later in the day that maintenance came to fix her AC unit.

However, there could be many residents like Wesley not sure what to do.

Legal Aid Center of Nevada told 8 News Now, you must let your landlord know what is wrong, then follow up with an essential services letter detailing the issue that needs to be fixed.

Those with similar concerns can find a template letter by clicking HERE.

If essential services haven’t been fixed within 48 hours, the Legal Aid Center of Nevada has some tips for those in need of help.

  • withhold rent
  • buy portable AC units and deduct the cost from the rent
  • terminate your lease
  • code enforcement can also be notified of the situation

Landlords are expected to keep tenants updated on repairs if 48 hours isn’t enough time to repair the essential services.