LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge has ruled that Robert Telles, the former Clark County Public Administrator, who is accused of killing an investigative journalist will be allowed to represent himself at his murder trial which is set to take place in November.

Telles, 46, appeared in court for a motion hearing to withdraw from his counsel so he could act as his own defense attorney. He is currently being held without bail for allegedly murdering Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German in Sept. 2022.

Judge Michelle Leavitt raised concerns about Telles’ decision as well as his lack of experience and knowledge of criminal law.

“It is always unwise to represent yourself in any matter let alone a first-degree murder case,” she said.

Judge Leavitt fired off numerous questions to Telles about his knowledge of criminal cases, especially murder cases. The question included whether he understood subpoenaing witnesses, developing a defense, handling jury selection, and how sentencing would be done if he was convicted of first-degree murder. Telles was not able to correctly answer all of her questions but said he plans to educate himself.

Leavitt told Telles she was concerned because he had no experience in criminal cases and he will be up against the most experienced attorneys in this trial. Telles admitted he had only handled a few civil jury cases.

Leavitt said her thorough questioning would establish a record that Telles was “not very knowledgable” about criminal cases.

“You really don’t know about the charge against you and what you’re coming up against,” she told Telles.

Telles was warned that once Leavitt made the decision, he could not change his mind later and ask for an attorney.

“We’re not playing games here,” she said.

Prosecutors accuse Telles of targeting German because of articles he was writing about problems in the court administrator’s office.

Telles’ trial is set to begin on Nov. 6, 2023.

Leavitt said she doesn’t think anyone does a good job of representing themselves.