Tedd Florendo shares grief of losing his pet in a heartfelt message

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – 8 News Now’s Chief Meteorologist Tedd Florendo revealed to viewers and his followers on social media that his beloved golden retriever of 14 years – Bruner, died Monday.

Tedd also shared the unexpected grief he is experiencing in a heartfelt message titled “It’s all about a dog.” In it he said that he had been getting lots of questions from viewers and followers asking him why he had been wearing glasses in the past few days.

“I have never lost a pet before and I am asking all of you who have little ones to hug them tight because they’re like family, that’s why my eyes are red and that’s why I am wearing glasses, so, again, love your pets they are family and they will love you unconditionally.”

Tedd Florendo, 8 News Now Meteorologist

Tedd also shared how Bruner came into his life, won him over despite his hesitation to have a pet and how he came to finally adopting, naming and training him.

“I taught him how to be the world’s best dog. I taught him how to shake, roll over, not beg for food and to never eat anything dropped on the floor until we say “take it” because I had read that dogs could eat medication if you dropped it,” shared Tedd.

Some of Bruner’s best moments were shared in Tedd’s tribute, and he shared a few more pictures and videos with 8 News Now like the video below of Bruner walking himself with his leash in his mouth, a favorite pastime of his, according to Tedd.

Tedd also acknowledged that the biggest gift Bruner gave him was introducing him to his wife at a dog park. Tedd is certain that Bruner played a large part in this.

Bruner survived several medical problems including knee surgeries and cancer until his age finally caught up with him and he grew tired to where he could no longer play fetch or swim, he lived 13 years (105 in dog years) and saying good-bye was not easy for Tedd.

“Bruner was put to sleep on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., and as I held his paws and looked into his eyes, I said, ‘Go run, go swim, go fetch for as long as you want!, Don’t worry about us, we’ll be good. You will always be the worlds best dog,” shared Tedd.

Tedd shared a few pictures of Bruner and some of his favorite things in the world.

From all of the 8 News Now family, our deepest condolences to Tedd and his family and may you rest in peace Bruner.

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