LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During the pandemic, your children may have learned a few things about managing finances.

Whether you’ve been out of work, or just wanted to make your money go further, children are observing your spending habits.

Financial experts say you can start talking to your kids about finances as early as three years old, and a University of Cambridge study found that money habits can be formed by seven years of age.

The conversations to have with them can be more about just finding everyday financial lessons, such as, when you head to the grocery store to purchase items for dinner.

“Instead of just grabbing the salad bag and putting in the cart, tell your child ‘I only have x amount of money to spend, so I’m choosing this salad bag because it’s not a brand name and it’s cheaper,’ or maybe there’s a discount on it that day, or it’s a buy one get one free and that’s why you are making that decision. Choosing the everyday financial lessons, that you can communicate to your child at a young age,” said Alexa Serrano of Banking Editor.

Serrano says you will want to change the way you talk to your children about money as they age.

When it comes to savings, a lot of parents start their kids with a piggy bank but Serrano says that actually might confuse them.

Instead Serrano recommends getting three jars. One for savings, one for spending, and one for charity.

That way, you are already teaching them the concept of keeping your savings and spending separate from each other.