LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Clark County School District Superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara will stay with the school district. This comes after a tense few months with school board trustees.

In a statement, Jara released on Friday, he says “I reached an agreement with the majority of the board on the best path forward for the 305,000 students of Clark County, and on Monday, Dec. 6. I’ll return to serving our community as Superintendent.”

Now local teachers hope things can be done differently and not be left in the dark when it comes to decisions about their leader.

“There is a lot of frustration there for a lot of staff,” Dolly Rowan, a local teacher told 8 News Now. “It’s hurtful to me because we are doing our very best at our best when we are so short of staff.”

Rowan says this time around she wants to see more teamwork with Dr. Jara and the board.

“I just feel you can’t put your kids first when you put your staff last. You have to listen to them and support them,” Rowan added.

Staffing issues seem to be a common concern amongst teachers.

“We are really low we don’t have a lot of people to fill in positions. We are passionate people we love what we do but we also need to be taken care of,” a CCSD teacher who doesn’t want to be identified because she’s scared of losing her job.

The next CCSD school board meeting is Thursday, Dec. 9th.

His full statement is as follows below.

This afternoon I reached an agreement with the majority of the board on the best path forward for the 305,000 students of Clark County, and on Monday, December 6th I’ll return to serving our community as Superintendent.

Over the last five weeks, we’ve seen too much adult-centered attention instead of focusing on the 305,000 students we’re here to serve. As my team continued to lead our district – the 5th largest in America – through devastating pandemic-related learning disruptions and challenges for our students’ mental health, there were too many adult-centered distractions that caused instability for our students, parents, and our team. That is unacceptable; and now is the time to move forward. 

When I took this job three and a half years ago, I made a commitment to the students and families of this district, and over the past three and a half years, I’ve worked to create real solutions to some of our greatest challenges – staffing shortages, mental health, equity, and a safe return to in-person learning, among others. I’m proud of the work our team has done leading our system and our students through one of the greatest disruptions to their learning and well-being that any of us have ever faced, and my work here isn’t finished. 

There are too many children in this community that have been left behind. I won’t walk away from them. As an immigrant, and as a child who worked his way out of poverty through education, and as a parent, I understand what’s at stake for all the children we serve. That’s why starting on Monday, in this critical moment, we’re going to continue working day and night to make sure that we re-center our focus on our students’ safety, mental health, and unfinished learning. These are our core priorities.

Dr. Jesus Jara, CCSD School Superintendent