LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District parents and teachers say the health hotline originally intended to help guide parents through COVID questions is causing concerns.

Many parents and teachers tell 8 News Now they can’t get through to speak to a hotline operator and have been waiting on hold for hours.

CCSD says the long wait times were expected after a long break.

Genevieve Dodson said she is trying to figure out how to get her child back to school after testing positive for COVID.

“We called the hotline all day Monday, all day Tuesday,” said Dodson. “We called the school again and they said they still didn’t know what to tell us.”

Dodson is like many other parents, trying to call a district hotline for guidance on getting their kids back to school after having tested positive for the virus.

“She (daughter) is feeling better she has not had symptoms so I took a chance, sent her back to school, and had her ask the school when she got there and they didn’t send her home so I am assuming they are fine with her being there,” she told 8 News Now.

8 News Now called the CCSD parent hotline and each time received a message stating that phone lines were full, or a busy signal.

Vikki Tenney who is a teacher told 8 News Now she also had difficulty reaching someone when calling the hotline.

Despite testing negative Tenney lives with someone who tested positive.

She told 8 News Now she had to call the health hotline to get cleared to go back to school.

“That first day I tried calling like 30 times and every single time I get the message the system has reached maximum call volume, goodbye,” Tenney said. “They told me I can not go back until the system clears me, so without getting through I can’t go back to work.”

CCSD released a statement to 8 News Now and it is provided below.

“As expected after the long break, call volume to the Parent Health Line was higher than normal. CCSD worked to adjust staffing to increase efficiency and the dedicated staff is being thorough to ensure the health and safety of students and employees.”

The Clark County School District

8 News Now asked the school district how many people are operating the hotline, but did not hear back with a response to the question before the story deadline.