LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Clark County School District’s five-day pause officially ends tomorrow when students return to the classroom.

Some teachers don’t think the pause was long enough. CCSD says come Wednesday, schools will open — no virtual classes.

Many teachers say they have mixed feelings, some adding they feel those five days were not enough.

“I think it was a start,” said Luanne Wagner, a social studies teacher at Clark High School. “I think there’s more work to be done.”

Wagner has been teaching for 24 years. She says CCSD needs to be listening to administrators, teachers and students.

“Back in the beginning, when we were out and we finally went back in, I know there were some schools — especially elementary — where we had the Plexiglas for the students,” Wagner said.

While some teachers still have that in place, there are others like Wagner who never had it in their classroom.

“I know that there’s many teachers who are concerned because they have immune diseases. Some teachers have underlying health issues,” Wagner said.

“Then again I can’t speak for every school and every teacher. What’s happening at my school is not happening at other schools,” she said.

Steve Schorr Elementary teacher Kristan Nigro agrees.

“When we are talking about kindergarten compared to high school seniors, that’s two different animals there,” Nigro said.

“We were already a skeleton group with the staff not being able to come back because of the backup of the health line as well as positive cases because of the omicron variant. We were having a hard time staying afloat,” Nigro said.

But teachers agree on one thing: they don’t want to teach outside of the classroom.

“Stop putting out mandates,” Wagner said. “Let us teach.”

The five-day pause was due to staffing concerns, along with the safety of teachers and students.

A CCSD news release on Tuesday indicated the district contacted thousands of teachers and families of students to get a handle on how many would be ready to return to classes on Wednesday.

Of 1,409 employees contacted, 1,068 were cleared to return to work. Contacts with 4,057 parents/guardians indicated 2,324 students would be returning.

“We instituted this pause because of staffing shortages and to take advantage of the long weekend so our students, staff, and families could rest and recover,” CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara said. “I applaud and thank all of the nurses who worked diligently throughout the weekend to contact and clear those with concerns to ensure they can safely and confidently return to the classroom on Wednesday.”