LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Around 18,000 teachers work for the Clark County School District, and a lot of them are gearing up for a strike. And if teachers do go on strike, it will have wide impact on students, families and teachers.

CCSD educators like Kristan Nigro, a kindergarten teacher at Schorr Elementary School, have their minds on Sept. 10, the date the teachers union has identified as the target for a strike.

“How can I trust my employer, okay, that’s what I want to know,” Nigro said.

Teachers have been fighting for fair pay since before the 2019 Legislative session. And if they aren’t satisfied, they say they will strike.

Teachers who have been working to advance their career will not be getting a pay bump for the extra effort as it stands right now. That’s a $5,400 raise that about 2,500 teachers will miss.

“If you don’t want to pay for good teachers, they’re not going to stay,” Nigro said.

She said she will be be impacted by the strike because she won’t be getting paid while she’s out of the classroom and on the picket lines. But she said she is most concerned about her students.

“Being a kindergarten teacher, my kids thrive on routine and if that routine gets disrupted, it’s going to be kind of intense for a little bit, but we got to go back to the thing, we’ve got to do what’s right. And if it’s going to take that, well, unfortunately, that’s what it’s going to be.”

Parent Angela Giles said, “I have a senior at Coronado High School.” While she doesn’t need someone to watch him, that doesn’t mean there’s any less impact on their lives, she said.

Giles said the situation will be difficult because she works from home.

“I have to have my house quiet,” Giles said. “When they’re home, that’s not the case.”

“If they go on strike, how is that going to impact him with his senior year? That’s important,” she said. “He has to get really good grades and I don’t want him to get behind.”

Teachers recognize the effect of a strike, but they say the’ve been left with no choice.

“It makes me very upset with where we are as a district,” Nigro said.

And what about job security? There’s some fear that teachers who strike could be fired.

Many teachers echo their union, saying that’s unlikely given the teacher shortage.