LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District Board of trustees held its first board meeting on Thursday since new members were sworn into office.

One teacher used the opportunity to speak on how the staff is leaving due to an increase in behavioral issues among students.

Vicky Kreidel, the president of the Nevada Education Association of Southern Nevada, made the comment on teacher safety during the public comments section.

“At my school, we have one counselor for over 700 students. He does absolutely amazing work, but one is just not enough,” Kreidel said.

She teaches reading to elementary students and said behavior issues have increased since the pandemic and believes it’s impacting student achievement.

“Many educators are telling me they don’t feel safe at work,” Kreidel added. “There have been several high-profile incidents of violence and many, many others that are kept quiet.”

On Wednesday, a student at Sandy Valley High School was arrested after threatening a staff member, according to the school’s principal.

Last month, two Legacy High School staff members were injured trying to break up a fight. It led to the arrest of three juveniles.

We’ve previously reported on another assault at Legacy High School in February of 2022, when a student attacked a school secretary.

In April of last year, three other schools also had incidents of violence by students against teachers: Foothill High School, Grant Sawyer Middle School, and Palo Verde High School.

In addition, there was a fourth incident at Eldorado High School when a teacher was found unconscious in a classroom after a student allegedly assaulted her.

“Safety concerns regarding student behavior fall high on the list of why people leave and are leaving,” Kreidel added. “We must address these concerns or we will lose even more.”

The district is taking steps to address the mental health problem, including partnering with Nevada State College.