LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s been a trying time for educators — not just this year– but for the past two years, during the pandemic.

There are teachers shortages and there have been cases of school violence that have put teachers under extra pressure.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time set aside to acknowledge that educators are dealing with a lot and to say thank you.

Woodley Elementary School teacher Keon Pierre said he really appreciates when parents volunteer to help in the classroom.

“I take every ounce of gratitude. I take every ounce of salutation, a small one or big one to make my day bigger and brighter. So I do have support from my administration, from my grade level team and my students. I love my students. They share it in return,” he said.

Rebecca Garcia, the president of the Nevada PTA, said it’s important to let teachers know their work is valued.

“I think Teacher Appreication Week is a good time to stop and make sure, as a parent and family member, you are acknowledging the hard work that teachers do. You are saying thank you and encouraging your kids to do the same,” she said.

Garcia said many teachers really value a handwritten note of appreciation.

There are lots of discounts being offered this week for educators at retail stores such as Barnes and Nobel and J. Crew. There’s a complete list at this link.