LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tacotarian is a plant-based Mexican eatery and they are excited to announce a new location in Las Vegas.

Tacotarian first entered the Las Vegas restaurant scene in 2018 with a vegan taco shop in Southwest Las Vegas. Since then, they’ve become a popular destination for vegan tourists at their Arts District Downtown location which boasts a full bar and 3,000 square feet of space which opened in 2019.

This new third location has arrived in the City of Henderson and they say there are more in the works.

Their menu includes all the traditional Mexican dishes, they just happen to be vegan. They don’t use dairy or eggs in their food, and even their drinks are vegan.

“There has been so much anticipation leading up to opening  Henderson. The demand for good vegan food in that area is much higher than we even thought and people have been on us every day wanting to know how much longer. We got held up with permits and the city so it feels so good to finally be open now. It’s almost like we’re starting over with people who have never tried our food and they’re so excited,  which is why we started Tacotarian. We want people to get excited about plant-based food,” Carlos Corral, Co-Founder said.

A popular dish is the Birria Platter, which is 4 tacos with a side of dipping broth. The tacos consist of a mix of jackfruit barbacoa and beyond beef mix, served on a corn tortilla with a layer of melted cheese – all for $15.99.

Henderson Mayor Debra March will be at their grand opening on Friday, September 10 at 75 S. Valle Verde Drive, suite 200.

With the Henderson location, they’ve gone back to their roots and opened another small taco shop. While Henderson is smaller than its downtown location, there is plenty of indoor seating and patio space.

The Tacotarian team is looking forward to opening their next location on Blue Diamond and Decatur. They also have plans to expand out of state in the near future.

The restaurant owners pride themselves on their repeat business and knowing their customers by name. This is the comfortable environment they wanted to create.