LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– With many ideas being thrown on the table when it comes to helping water conservation, the Las Vegas Valley Water District voted on Tuesday to limit the construction size of new swimming pools to 600 square feet.

As temperatures continue to rise across the valley, averaging well into the triple digits, property owners may be looking to get a swimming pool to cool off, however, they may have to reconsider the size of it.

“No one industry is being singled out. Everyone is being asked to make sacrifices so we can get our water use down to that 86 gallons per capita every day,” said John Entsminger, General Manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is concerned about water conservation. The 600-square-foot size limit is expected to save 3.2 million gallons of water every year.

According to LVVWD, many pools in the valley exceed three thousand square feet. Kevin Kraft of Ozzie Craft Pools makes his money building luxury pools and he believes that there is a better solution to the problem.

“A conservation fee that can be paid, If someone wanted to go over that, they would pay a substantial conservation fee,” said Kraft who has already lost a client.

“We already know of one $50 million project that was scrapped from today’s meeting. It’s a rather large contract that is no longer on our books.” Kraft said.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority says millions of gallons of Lake Mead water could be saved each year and also recommends getting a pool cover to cut down on evaporation.

The 600-square-foot limit will go into effect on Sept. 1, 2022.