LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 20-year-old driver is facing 17 counts, including DUI, after allegedly evading police three times the same night at speeds in excess of 90 mph in residential areas.

Noah Kennedy was eventually taken into custody around midnight on Friday, Aug. 18 at a family member’s home more than three hours after police spotted him doing a 100-foot burnout on Durango Drive and Moccasin Road, on the far north end of Las Vegas valley, according to the arrest report.

Noah Kennedy is facing several driving-related charges including DUI. (Credit: LVMPD)

A Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer who was conducting surveillance in an unmarked car noticed the purple Dodge Charger, with no license plate, was the same vehicle that fled from another officer during an attempted stop two weeks earlier. He also said he witnessed the Charger driving erratically on Durango.

When another officer in a marked vehicle attempted to do a traffic stop on the Charger, the driver, later identified as Kennedy, accelerated to 90 mph and ran a stop sign, the report said. Officers called off the pursuit because wet weather and a poorly lit area made it dangerous.

Two more times that evening police attempted to pull over Kennedy but he fled each time and the pursuit was called off because of “extreme danger” due to his high speeds and being in residential areas, the report said.

Metro officers went to a home where the Charger had been seen previously and spoke with Kennedy’s family members who urged him to come to the home where police were waiting.

Police said Kennedy had droopy eyes, was very lethargic, slow-moving, and had slow speech indicating signs of impairment. Officers conducted Field Sobriety Tests on him but he would not consent to a blood draw. After approval by a judge, the blood tests were performed.

He had “droopy eyes, was very lethargic, slow-moving and had slow speech” indicating signs of impairment, police documents stated. Officers conducted field sobriety tests and arrested him for suspicion of DUI.

Kennedy is facing the following charges:

  • DUI (1 count)
  • Driver disobeying officer and endangering others (3 counts)
  • Disregard for safety of person/property (4 counts)
  • Reckless driving disregarding person/property (4 counts)
  • Speeding 31+ mph over posted limit (3 counts)
  • License plates improperly displayed (1 count)
  • No proof of insurance (1 count)

Kennedy was released on bail. The next court date on his case is set for Dec. 2023.